Zebra Longwings

Here are some pictures of overzealous Zebra Longwing males waiting for a female to emerge from her chrysalis.

This was taken on a very small Corky Stem passionvine (Passiflora suberosa) right in the nursery. This is a staple plant for a butterfly garden- it has lots of advantages! It is a larval plant for both the Zebra Longwings (shady location) and the Gulf Fritillary (sunny location), it grows quickly but not crazy aggressively and it has beautiful miniature flowers. The small dark purple fruits will drop and self seed if they are not eaten and dispersed by critters. The leaves can be whole or bi- or tri-lobed. It will happily climb a structure, searching with its long tendrils, or meander along the ground if it can’t find a vertical support.

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